Stiff vacuum extrusion

— Innovative agglomeration


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Actually up to the year 2009 the stiff extrusion agglomeration technology remained terra incognita for ferrous metallurgy. Choice in its favor wasn’t based on the results of the systematic study of metallurgical properties of extrusion products.

This gap was eliminated as a result of research performed by A.M. Bizhanov together with the famous Russian scientists-metallurgists-I.F. Kurunov, V. Ya.Dashevskyi, Malysheva T.Ya. and specialist of the MISiS Department (Dean Podgorodetskyi G.S.) (see Contacts).

In the period 2009-20013 the stiff extrusion has been systematically studied and adapted to the conditions of most industrial processes for the smelting of iron, steel, ferroalloys and direct recovery of iron. The main results have been published in Russian and international journals and were reported at scientific conferences and served as the basis for patenting (link to publication).

Efficiency of the developed metallurgical technology has been confirmed by research, full-scale industrial experiments and by practical experience of the commercial use. The term - BREX (extrusion briquettes) – has been proposed by A.M. Bizhanov to distinguish them from the traditional briquettes; corresponding certificate of trademark registration has been issued a (link).

Currently, there is a growing interest in the agglomeration technology based on stiff extrusion, new factories were built and a set of the engineering studies executed in the frameworks of the briquetting projects for the largest steel and Ferro Alloy companies.

Equipment for stiff extrusion is produced only by J. C. Steele & Sins, Inc., therefore, we provide links to the official website of this company for all who are interested in the technical details of the equipment (link). 

On all matters related to the stiff extrusion you may contact the official representative of the company in Russia-Bizhanov Aitber Makhachevich.